Wednesday, November 23, 2011

No diesel without filter: particle filters presented DUH

Database for Construction equipment
Construction equipment encounters large amounts of health-and
environmentally harmful diesel exhaust from - DUH requires extensive
retrofitting soot filters in stock and strict limits on new machines -
site as a platform around the soot-free construction machine
The German Environmental Aid Association (DUH) has today released a
database to use, reliable test in the building owners and business
operators, which they use for the particle filter construction are
offered. Simultaneously, professional associations and unions can
offer to the filtering technology called upon to demand more safety on
the site. With the help of the information system is the extensive use
of filter technology for construction equipment and stationary
equipment is advanced.
The diesel-powered construction equipment are responsible for a
quarter of inner city black carbon emissions. Are strict requirements
for the use of soot filters previously only available for use in
tunnels or enclosed spaces or documents if these requirements are
stipulated in the licensing documents. Construction in the Federal
Pollution Control Act are exempt from the mandatory filter. This gap
in the existing legislation leads to mean that despite the
introduction of non-compliance is now nearly 50 environmental zones in
Germany, many cities, the requirements of EU legislation on air

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Heavy equipment can make earth quakes

Road construction activities for the B 212 in full swing - pillars providing stability
n Neuenhuntorf in action: George Foreman Pruin and Martin Marques (left) IMAGE: Friederike Klotz
Neuenhuntorf - In Neuenhuntorf the earth trembles. On the grass beside the old highway the heavy equipment humming in the chord. Here's just the civil engineering work is underway for the new bridge over the B 212th
"We started four weeks ago," George Pruin, Foreman says on the site. "Right now we ram with the heavy equipment displacement tubes into the ground." In the holes will be geo-textile bags, on the site as "socks" called, filled with bitumen and sand. Then the barrel of the machine is pulled. Remain underground pillars that will stabilize the soil.

construction and mining equipment

For a good six months working in the Sandvik Mining and Construction GmbH in Austria Zeltweg a StarragHeckert machining center HEC 1600 Athletic. With the start was not easy <br/> replaced an older machining center, it was all achieved ambitious goals towards manufacturing quality, reliability of the manufacturing process and reduce production time or surpassed.
The StarragHeckert machining center HEC 1600 Athletic with two machine pallet drawers.
The "Sandvik Mining and Construction GmbH" in Zeltweg as a competence center for "Cutting stone working" developed the Sandvik Mining-and-Construction Group, designs and manufactures mining equipment for the production (starting) of underground cavities in the building and mining equipment for driving of and for the extraction of raw materials such as coal, gypsum, salt, potash, platinum, diamonds and more.
Tunneling and mining equipment
Thus one finds in addition to the inserts in the extraction Sandvik Mining Equipment in the construction of tunnels and caverns.
For example mining equipment work with the construction of the underground transport links to Melbourne Airport. Currently there are also some tunnel boring machines from Zeltweg in Sochi on the Black Sea in use to make their specific contribution to the construction of underground roads and rail links to the venues of the Olympic Winter Games in 2014. "In manufacturing and assembly, we have," explained Uwe Seifter, Production Development, "the machines assigned to two product lines.

Used construction equipment online

Recompile information: buy construction equipment for sale online
(In-press) - Since 15 November 2009, the online portal construction of ITO Germany with a new blog software online  The newly installed micro blog allows many users at the same time offers and requests to be placed in the equipment market place. Special features of this online trading platform is the ability to login with a so-called OpenID and register them. The interested can log in with his Blogger account from Google in the software without having to register from scratch, he simply uses the username and password from his Blogger account. There are no personal data stored or retrieved, as are all of the data already stored in the corresponding OpenID portal. This is from the structure as similar as it is from YouTube users can log in and Google without having to re-register must. The used construction equipment portal allows the user to the prospect or the articles that are not longer than 150 characters on a mobile receiving device - iPhone mobile phone, etc. - to put them online without having to use a PC. The construction equipment can be entered to tag, so that each user via an RSS feed listings from the latest Construction retrieve its area of interest.

Used construction equipment - building and save money

For those who rely on earthmoving equipment, must take place deep in the pocket. Put in this case, used a real alternative to new construction dar.
(In-press) - If you want to build and this requires the right equipment, can purchase or lease of used equipment really save money. In comparison to these new machines are much better - especially since they are often needed even for a given period by the user. Whether used or new, earthmoving equipment are exposed in almost all cases a major impact in their operations and may from time to time happen that parts break. But that does not have the same equipment, used a lower quality than new ones. Before you decide to buy, you should still take a little time. The Internet offers several ways to compare machines and be informed. With years of experience in dealing with used construction machinery, the company knows ITO, which are ideal solutions for smaller budgets. A wide range of excavators, mini excavators, rollers, forklifts, tractors, dump trucks, bulldozers, cranes, compressors, vibrating plates, and many other earthmoving equipment and related accessories and well-known manufacturers such as Liebherr, Komatsu and Caterpillar fall during a visit to the website immediately to eye. Anyone who has found his machines can also ask directly for replacement parts. Brand new in the service is now also the option to rent equipment rather than buy. This business is just about to begin and offers the possibility of not even with a smaller budget to avoid the use of construction equipment.

Model-based Design for equipment

On the way to purely virtual simulation and verification of complete heavy equipment, including construction sites
In the development of heavy commercial vehicles such as construction trucks, wheel loaders, excavators, it is extremely expensive, if errors are discovered only at the prototype. Simulations of complete heavy machines and their locations could therefore save time and money.
The simulation of a complete heavy machinery including construction site can be development time and cost savings
The use of electronic and electro-hydraulic systems for heavy equipment is now the one determined by legal requirements such as more stringent emission standards for ANIMAL-4 engines in the United States or regulations for noise emission. Second, the requirements of the customers in terms of increasing performance and productivity of the machines.
Also enables the electronic self-diagnosis of the devices. Through them can be reduced downtime, and utilize numerous security features such as locks.
Customers or machines manufacturers can take advantage of these benefits through the integration of individual electronic systems. This integration also opens the way for autonomous vehicles, eg for agricultural machines, which travel in straight lines, without the operator controls it.
Heavy-duty vehicles operate autonomously soon
The next step will the integration of different kinds of machines in a completely autonomous, site-based system, called a "system of systems". In the future there will be vehicles, for example, automatic handlers, which determine their own next excavation site, or automated trucks that transport their cargo alone at a predetermined location for further processing. Already in 2020, such independent sites or locations are spread as far as now automated tractors.
Increased complexity makes optimization more difficult
In conventional development process, engineers rely on physical devices to optimize design and validate new concepts. The addition of electronic functions in a heavy equipment, which itself represents a nonlinear interaction of different systems and physical domains, increases the complexity of extreme. Machinery and performance optimization predictions thus become extremely difficult tasks.
The more complex the system, the higher the time and costs
The increased design complexity can turn the time and money to test the various possibilities exponentially fast in the air. It is also difficult to determine when enough tests have been carried out to complete verification of the engine performance. At the same time, competition is forcing manufacturers to reduce development costs and shorten development time.
In order to withstand the pressure from both sides, manufacturers are choosing a holistic approach to the development of their machines: put in the machine design and development process amplifies a simulation. They also use virtual prototypes rather than physical prototypes for testing.
Simulations are now an integral part of development
During the past ten years, domain-specific simulations at the component and system level to a common element of the development processes for mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components and systems have become. Since these tools are domain specific, however, it is difficult to estimate the interactions between the different systems. The verification of machine performance without severely limits the use of physical devices.
Correcting errors of physical prototypes is expensive
Previously you could only ensure that a heavy machine works according to the draft by draws physical prototypes of the machines. As anyone can attest to the tests involved engineering, correcting design errors on a prototype of one of the most expensive elements in the design process. If the error during this phase are not detected by tests and get to production phase remain, this can lead to enormous warranty and repair machinery costs and dissatisfied customers.
Errors should be detected as soon as possible
The longer a design flaw in the development process remains undetected, the more expensive it becomes to fix it. Therefore, the detection of errors at the beginning of the process before the metal is cut and the equipment is delivered to develop the most cost-effective means of heavy machinery.
Supplementary + on MATLAB and Simulink in detail
The main features of MATLAB are: advanced programming language for scientific and technical ...
The main features of MATLAB are:
Advanced programming language for technical computing
Development environment for managing code, files and data
Interactive tools for iterative exploration, design, and the solution of problems
Mathematical functions for linear algebra, statistics, Fourier analysis, filtering, optimization, and numerical integration
2D and 3D graphics functions for visualizing data
Tools for building custom graphical user interfaces
Functions for integrating MATLAB based algorithms with external applications and languages like C / C + +, Fortran, Java, COM, and Microsoft Excel
Simulink main features:
Extensive and expandable libraries of prefabricated blocks
Interactive graphic editor for creation and management more intuitive block diagrams
Management of complex designs through hierarchical segmentation models in sub-components
Model Explorer to create, configure, and search all signals, parameters, properties, and the generated code from the model
APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for integration of other simulation programs and to integrate hand-written code
Embedded MATLAB function blocks for the integration of MATLAB algorithms in Simulink models and implementations of Embedded Systems
Simulation modes (Normal, Accelerator and Rapid Accelerator), which is interpreted or simulations run at the speed of compiled C code can be, this solver available with fixed or variable step size is available
Graphical debugger and profiler to examine simulation results and the subsequent diagnosis of performance and unexpected behavior in draft
Access to all functions available in MATLAB for analysis and visualization of results, to adapt the modeling environment and defining signal, parameter, and test data
Tools for model analysis and diagnoses that ensure model consistency and detect errors efficiently modeling
The simulation shows that the specifications are met
Since the MATLAB and Simulink environments also make it possible to link the machine requirements to the model, test cases can also be defined in accordance with the requirements. Based on the simulation results can be determined if the machine is sufficient or not. The model thus represents an executable system specification for the machine; for
Today, physical and virtual methods used
As the chart shows, developers can now perform some simulations on system level and use the results to a certain level verification, regardless of whether a real test model is available. Given the complexity of the simulation of certain complex dynamics that occur in interactions with earthmoving equipment, we can verify the engine power remains both virtual as well as physical methods.
Virtual verification and validation of autonomous sites
In the autonomous construction sites or sites of the future more of these autonomous machines will be used. This requires a development environment in which the individual power and the interactions between individual machines without the use can be reviewed and validated by physical machines.
This environment provides a platform for rapid design iterations may be different parameters to optimize the overall performance changed simultaneously on the site. In the process engineers an insight into the effects of design decisions on the construction site and power. The result: you see design errors early on and can focus on the impact of the machine to the performance of the construction site.
Simulation of complete machines and their locations
The biggest advantage that comes with it is this early review is that physical machines are only made when the machines and site performance are confirmed by the simulations. This reduces costs and time required for the production of several prototypes. For the year 2020 should be the lofty goal of the industry, the simulation of complete machines and their locations. Then physical machines will be manufactured and used, if all requirements are met virtually secure.
To achieve this great goal, The MathWorks will continue to develop simulation technology that enables this integrated environment. The heavy equipment will thus be possible, on time and within budget to produce machines that provide an optimum combination of safety, productivity and uptime.
* Sameer Prabhu Industry is marketing director at The MathWorks

Telematics in the beet field

 Dietmannsried, 12/14/2010 - Always in motion - Truck finds farm equipment
The navigation of vehicles moving targets is one of the disciplines of telematics. The logistics concepts software GmbH (LCI) has developed on behalf of the Federation of machinery rings, a solution based on TomTom WORK and the software CoTrIS. The Machinery Ring will benefit from an automated order management with dynamically embedded and Navigation: The CoTrIS solution optimized in combination with TomTom WORK various status reports, the trip planning, and their complete control.
"You have reached your destination." With this statement, daily border navigation countless processes that are carried out by fixed or mobile devices. In the rapidly growing market for commercial applications, the Dutch provider TomTom WORK with reliable and cost-effective solutions has developed a large market share. Small and large fleets can be located via the online fleet management system WEBFLEET supplied with orders and controlled efficiently. Based on these data and functions added to the LCS the offer by TomTom WORK for more intelligent software solutions.
Right on time at the field
An example is the navigation to moving targets. This is not only military, but also in the civilian sector for the optimal management of farm equipment  and heavy goods. Because during the harvest period, it is important, Agriculture and Transport vehicles optimal manner to minimize the waiting time during loading - because time is precious. In agriculture, this is much more than in the traditional distribution logistics. Highly specialized farm equipment such as chargers for the automatic collection of "beet rent" - that is the technical term for the post-harvest on field margins accumulated root crops - require investments of at least 350,000 €. For an individual farmer, this acquisition is totally uneconomical.
Scheduling with two unknowns
For these and similar applications have therefore established in the farm equipment industry rings, which act as co-operatives and the acquired capital goods dispose centrally. "One charger for beet work for 400 to 600 farmers, which form a so-called" loading group ", Dieter Ott, project and IT manager explained the Federation of machinery rings in Neuburg an der Donau. A charge group covers an area with a diameter of up to 100 kilometers. "Within this area a charger runs from mid September and early January, all beet rent," said Ott. This can take the charger with no costly delays of one to the next beet clamp, the removal of the harvest made seamless. Therefore, the main machine associated with a truck on time at the field and are ready to transport the cargo directly into the sugar factory. Any charger for approximately 10 vehicles assigned to this task. The dispatchers of machinery rings therefore had to always work with two dynamic factors. "We could not predict exactly in what place the charger is at any given time," said Ott. A GPS positioning merely allowed the current location of the farm equipment be established. For this purpose, the association had invested seven years ago in an independent telematics solution.
The respective positions of the truck could be determined, however, only with a phone call from the driver. Overall, this situation resulted in repeated delays and delays. Therefore, the Federation of machinery rings last year, has started to equip the fleet of trucks with telematics devices. After comparing several solutions, the Association decided in July 2009 for the system from TomTom WORK. "Besides the technical characteristics of the used farm equipment has convinced us and the service of the TomTom WORK dealer Xplus1 from Neumarkt," says Ott.
Screenshot CoTrIS for TomTom WORK
TomTom WORK provides solid basis
It was found that the standard version of TomTom WORK is an ideal basis and through the LKS can be adapted to the special requirements of machinery ring association. be implemented first, the navigation had to be moving targets and, second, the connection to the existing telematics and harvested area management system of farm equipment. The dispatchers should be able to see at a glance the current positions of the farm equipment and any associated truck on the screen. Telematic expert Thomas Greaney of Xplus1 had for the right solution. Since 2008, his company is working with the concepts of logistics software GmbH (LCS) together to expand customized solutions from TomTom WORK in accordance with specific customer needs and industry requirements. The LCS is the self-developed software for TomTom WORK CoTrIS a toolset of standard products and individual adjustments for all fleet sizes and budgets available. TomTom WORK provides the "link-box" both the hardware and the vehicle location and communication skills that serve as the basis CoTrIS. "We have specialized in the intelligent linking these data with existing or future systems and like to work with all telematics-dealers," LKS CEO Wolfgang Schmid explains.
CoTrIS links
"As a project partner, the LKS is extremely reliable, fast and on time," said Greaney, adding: "Now that our client had decided in July, it took only four more weeks until the LKS had implemented the changes." From the specialists Dietmannsried Allgäu attacked for it deep in their "tool box". The "TomTom WORK toolset" of CoTrIS extends the capabilities of the fleet communications and telematics to individually selectable additional functions to a comprehensive transportation management system. For the sugar beet harvest means a substantial simplification. Once a truck has reached the unloading is triggered automatically by using geo-fencing, the next loading order and reported back to the TomTom server to the truck. From the interface to the telematics system will then issue the Chargers CoTrIS the target position and updates automatically to achieve the targets.
Minimal training required
The Machinery Ring will benefit from the stability and reputation of the telematics solution and can by the use of CoTrIS for TomTom WORK use its existing systems more efficient. In the first season, the system proves its worth. "Low hardware and communications costs, a high acceptance by the drivers through the easy job taking over in the navigation as well as the minimum training requirements have reinforced our decision," says Ott. The next steps are already fixed: After the first year initially 36 trucks have been linked to the predisposition to, the solution can be expanded in 2010 to 100 to 200 vehicles.